A Return to the Dreaming State

2 posts ago I spoke of the strange nature of the sleeping realm.  I spoke of how the mind is bizarre and fascinating in the hours before dawn.  I spoke of how unusual it was that I was fully conscious for those few seconds that I was awoke by my roommates alarm.  I feel as if I must provide some back drop for this claim.  I must put forth a few of my more fevered transitions from sleep to wake.  There are two occurrences of this phenomenon that I remember with an incredible degree of vividness.  The first occurred a few years ago.  I had spent most of the night reading the wonderful book Ender’s Game and then went to sleep with four or five hours before the dreaded dawn.  At this point in my life I was still living with my parents and they were what woke me in the morning as opposed to an alarm.  So this next day my father pulled me from my bed and took me to the shower.  I understood what was going on to a degree, but I was also convinced at the same time that I was in fact in the military.  This might not seem as strange to those who have read the aforementioned book, but it is still a strange occurrence for a high school age child with no military experience to believe while semi conscious that they are in fact a part of the military as well as understanding that they are in there own home having a shower before school.  The duel nature of my understanding was of particular interest to me.  I fully believed both of these seemingly contradictory realities.  After getting a nice warm head of water I understood my career in the military was in fact so short lived as to have never happened but while it lasted I would not have thought for a second that I hadn’t spent the last few years in boot camp.  The other story of my esoteric transitions between the world of dream and the world of thought will have to wait for another article because I wish to turn to other tasks at the moment and I also wish to not exhaust my topics of conversation so completely as to be bereft of such.


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