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Therepy through Table Tennis

September 17, 2009

As one might notice if they compare the date of this tlan with the date’s of the previous ones I am a tad late in publishing this tlan.  As I had divined in my previous tlan this week was a busy one.  I had several quizzes a paper and hordes of homework.  And I didn’t have this Letern in which I could vent some steam and let loose some pressure upon my as of yet nonexistent audience.  Happily however I discovered another method of ending my woes and was soon in quiet a few games of ping pong.  For some reason I can not really explain Table Tennis makes me happy.  To an extent I get this same feeling from playing regular tennis and other net games.  Not having to run around and the sheer difficulty of hitting the small ping pong ball makes ping pong my favorite however.  I had not played the game in many a year until this week I did.  And so it was that I approached the small table with fear.  I whacked the ball and it flew far beyond the court of play.  Again I swung and again it fell just a hair beyond the edge.  It took me a while to master the swing that landed the ball upon the court but once I did it was quiet amazing what balls I was able to hit.  I never won a single game and yet a smile laid across my face.  The smile remained for quiet some time and I hope to play soon again.

For such is the life of a Scholar

September 14, 2009

With the ending of the weekend a new week dawns.  This new week I know to be filled with trials, tribulations, and quiet a bit of fun.  At the moment however all that I see before me is trials.  I am of that sad breed of men that goes by the name of procrastinator.  I hold off what I should do now in favor of what I wish to do now and often pay for the consequences.  Hence tonight.  The exact details of my particular tribulation is unnecessary but let it be known that learning languages past nine isn’t the best of plans.  Why am I telling all of you this?  There are like always many reasons for a single act.  Very rare is the act that was stimulated by a single purpose and not a dozen.  This act is not one such act.  It was stimulated for at least three reasons if not more.  First, and probably least important I felt the need to cry my harsh fate to the dark winds and let my trials be known.  Second and most important I wish to, if possible, prevent both myself and any who might stumble upon this tlan to think before acting in a procrastinator like manner.  Lastly I find the act of writing to ba a soothing experience and after the much discussed laceration of my soul I wanted to sooth and calm myself.  Effectively, do stuff now or you will regret it.

And with that it was gone…

September 12, 2009

Writing the previous few pieces I have realized an important road block to my path.  There are certain words that are hard to not use in a format such as this but the very format of such words would render these posts much less than they are.  Thus two terms I shall be replacing with two others that have a more smooth and flowing sound to them.  First to the chopping block will be the word Blog.  Henceforth the word Letern shall replace the aforementioned word.  Secondly the word post when referring to a specific article within a Letern shall be thus forth renamed tlan.  With these changes I believe that I will be able to talk more freely and be not forced to use words that are quiet honestly ill-constructed.  And thus ends this tlan of my Letern.

A Return to the Dreaming State

September 11, 2009

2 posts ago I spoke of the strange nature of the sleeping realm.  I spoke of how the mind is bizarre and fascinating in the hours before dawn.  I spoke of how unusual it was that I was fully conscious for those few seconds that I was awoke by my roommates alarm.  I feel as if I must provide some back drop for this claim.  I must put forth a few of my more fevered transitions from sleep to wake.  There are two occurrences of this phenomenon that I remember with an incredible degree of vividness.  The first occurred a few years ago.  I had spent most of the night reading the wonderful book Ender’s Game and then went to sleep with four or five hours before the dreaded dawn.  At this point in my life I was still living with my parents and they were what woke me in the morning as opposed to an alarm.  So this next day my father pulled me from my bed and took me to the shower.  I understood what was going on to a degree, but I was also convinced at the same time that I was in fact in the military.  This might not seem as strange to those who have read the aforementioned book, but it is still a strange occurrence for a high school age child with no military experience to believe while semi conscious that they are in fact a part of the military as well as understanding that they are in there own home having a shower before school.  The duel nature of my understanding was of particular interest to me.  I fully believed both of these seemingly contradictory realities.  After getting a nice warm head of water I understood my career in the military was in fact so short lived as to have never happened but while it lasted I would not have thought for a second that I hadn’t spent the last few years in boot camp.  The other story of my esoteric transitions between the world of dream and the world of thought will have to wait for another article because I wish to turn to other tasks at the moment and I also wish to not exhaust my topics of conversation so completely as to be bereft of such.

What to do…

September 10, 2009

Today, I walked to a large cylindrical building in order that I might participate in what could be refered to as an “assembly”  It could also be called a “convocation” a “ceremony” or a “gathering of a bunch of people”  At this assembly I found myself facing a moral quandary.  It isn’t a moral quandary that is truly that important or that I think many people would have.  It isn’t even necessarily a “moral” quandary so much as a second guessing of some of my principles.  You see, while I was sitting viewing a series of presenters and listening to the words that they spoke, there were a few places in which people were either expected or not expected to stand.  I myself was sitting near a group of friends.  Here is where the danger lies.  I found myself mimicking what decisions the other three people in this line of friendly faces in regards to standing or sitting.  Several times they made a decision that was contrary to the group as a whole and I followed them at it.  My question is why?  Why did I do this?  Was it because I felt as they did about that particular moment and decided to do the same as they?  Or was it because they were doing it and I wanted to do what they were doing?  It becomes even more confusing when you factor in the few times when I felt like doing the opposite of what these three friends did.  Did I want to do the opposite because it was different then what they were doing?  Did I want to do the opposite because it was the same as what the assembly as a whole was doing?  Thus my quandary.  I seek to live as an individual.  Neither doing things because other people are or doing them because other people aren’t.  I want to do things only because I personally believe it is a good idea.  And yet I am not sure if I was able to do that on this small scale.  Can I really believe I will hold my own when it really matters?

On the Nature of Time

September 9, 2009

As pretentious as the title of this piece sounds the subject matter is in fact not that esoteric.  For the “time” that is the fundamental character of this essay is not the endlessly marching behemoth of years and centuries, nor the ever fleeting hours in a day.  Rather I shall be focusing on a specific segment of time specifically that which falls just before one must wake.  During this time the mind is for me at least in a very strange state.  It is not always the same state and yet it is always abnormal.  Anecdotaly, I woke today to the sound of my roommates alarm while he did not.  As mundane as it may sound it was rather strange for a combination of reasons.  I am and always have been a very deep sleeper.  I have been known to sleep through earth quakes, sleep walk into many a strange location and if my alarm clock isn’t right next to my head I will never awake to its keening.  Further more my roommate went to sleep later then me, he was planning on waking up earlier, and his alarm is no where near as loud as mine.   And yet it occurred.  He did not wake for his 6:00 AM run and I quickly returned to my slumber in  order that I might wake once again in less than 2 hours.  What purpose or point does this story serve?  I don’t think it really serves to show anything really except how bizarre our unconscious or semiconscious minds are.  I was fully rational for the few seconds I awoke to the alarm of my room mate.  I understood that he was probably going to be late if he did not awake and yet only a few moments later after deciding to go and wake him up I was once again slumbering.  Does this really show anything at all?  Maybe not.  Maybe he just had a hard day yesterday and I was sleeping lightly for reasons unknown.  Who can say?  I can say this though.  As run of the mill as this particular story of the strangeness of sleep is and as susceptible to alternate interpretations it can not be doubted that sleep, in all its glory, is really freakin’ weird.


September 9, 2009

What my good friends is the point of advise?  What is the purpose of an anecdote?  What is served by a story?  One could say with little doubt that these things all are without merit.  That these things create entertainment and help to increase the hubris of the giver.  And perhaps that is to the reason for this paragraph.  Mayhaps I, the Author, am funneling words into the darkness to feed not the hunger of others but the pride of myself.  While this possibility is indeed quiet possible I sincerily hope that it is not true.  So my friends why do we seek?  What answers do we hope to find?  That is what I, and any that care to join me hope to search for.  And maybe, just maybe find.  Perhaps.